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In various compositions, five Swiss universities offer three joint law and economics seminar series each year. In each seminar series, guest scholars present their work in a lecture and discuss their ongoing research in a workshop. Guest scholars come from around the world and include researchers from law, economics, and related fields. Each spring semester, the general Workshop and Lecture Series in Law & Economics is organized by ETH Zurich as well as the Universities of Basel, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Zurich. Each fall semester, ETH Zurich as well as the Universities of St. Gallen and Zurich organize the Workshop and Lecture Series in Law & Finance and the Workshop & Lecture Series on the Law & Economics of Innovation.

All series include a mix of speakers who represent the wide range of current social science research methods applied to legal questions in general, to law and finance, as well as to intellectual property, innovation, antitrust policy and technology policyissues. Theoretical models, empirical and  experimental research as well as legal research methods are represented. Taken together, the workshop and lecture series present the current international frontier in interdisciplinary research in various areas of law and economics.

More information is available in our current brochure. (PDF, 532 KB)

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