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This page will be updated before the fall semester 2017 starts.

1. Receiving Credits

ETH (2 credits) and UNI Zurich (3 credits) participants must cumulatively:

  1. Attend 11 of the 14 lectures/workshops on the program, and
  2. Write an accepted 2-page comment on one of the posted papers in advance of the lecture/workshop

UNI St-Gallen students: see here.

2. Attendance

Attendance will be determined on the basis of presence lists.


Comments can relate to one of the background papers posted for a lecture or to a paper to be discussed during a workshop. The idea is not to summarize the paper, but to either shortly comment on one of the issues it deals with or, to the extent it is a working paper, provide constructive critique about points that deserve further analysis.

Comments will not be discussed as such during lectures or workshop. On the other hand, their authors will have to participate in the discussion (e.g. by asking a question) during the session for which the discussed paper is posted.

Comments shall be e-mailed for acceptation to (ETH and UNI Zurich students) or   (UNI St-Gallen students) no later than the day before the relevant lecture or workshop takes place.

4. Further Information

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Gerard Hertig ().

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