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The Workshop & Lecture Series in Law & Finance has been held every fall semester since 2008. Former guests were:

Fall 2016

  • Sylvain Carré, EPF Lausanne: Disclosures, Rollover Risk, and Debt Runs
  • Joseph McCahery, Tilburg: Venture Capital 2.0: From Venturing to Partnering and Tranching in the Syndicated Loan Market Around the World
  • Hideki Kanda, Tokyo: Puzzles on Comparative Corporate Governance: Rethinking the Linkage between Law and Ownership and A Trust for Commercial Use in Japan
  • Stijn Claessens, Federal Reserve: Regulation and Structural Change in Financial Systems and Why Knowing Your Lender Matters More Than Fundamentals and
  • Brian Cheffins, Cambridge: Shareholder Protection Across Time and Executive Pay: What Worked?
  • Charles Goodhart, LSE: Optimal Bank Recovery and Resolution: Bail-in or Bail-out?
  • Bernard Black, Northwestern and Kate Litvak, Northwestern: Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets and The SEC's Busted Experiment

Fall 2015

  • Colin Mayer, Oxford: Reinventing the Corporation & Regulatory Sanctions and Reputational Damage in Financial Markets
  • Marco Pagano, Napoli: Employees’ Rights in Bankruptcy & Banks Exposure and Sovereign Stress Transmission
  • Crystal Yang, Harvard: Consumer Finance & Consumer Bankruptcy and Financial Health
  • Ross Levine, Berkeley: The Political Economy of Financial Regulation & Competition and Bank Opacity
  • Katharina Pistor, Columbia: Legal Theory of Finance & Law and Liquidity

Fall 2014

  • Hyun Song Shin, Princeton: Drawing the Boundary in International Finance
  • Henry Hu, UT Austin: Banks: Parallel Disclosure Universes and Divergent Regulatory Quest & Equity and Debt Decoupling: A Bird’s Eye View
  • Georg Ringe, Copenhagen & Oxford: Corporate Mobility in the EU & Arbitrage and Competition in Global Financial Regulation
  • Roman Inderst, Frankfurt: Securitization and Compensation
  • Erica Gorga, FGV Sao Paulo & Yale: Ownership Structure and Shareholder Power & Transnational Securities Regulation

Fall 2013

  • Michael Klausner, Stanford: Entrenched Managers: Theory vs. Facts & Securities Class Actions in the US, An Empirical Study
  • Zohar Goshen, Columbia: The Essential Role of Securities Regulation & Concentrated Ownership Revisited: The Value of Corporate Control
  • Xavier Gabaix, NYU: A Model of Bounded Rationality, with Application to Basic Consumer and Equilibrium Theory & Sparse Dynamic Programming and Aggregate Fluctuations
  • Luigi Zingales, Chicago: Trust and Finance
  • Ettore Croci, UC Milan: Failing Banks, State Aid versus Resolution
  • Yair Listokin, Yale: Rethinking Corporate Voting & Bounded and Unbounded Institutions or Do the Votes Add Up?
  • Lev Ratnovski, IMF: Financial Regulation, Lessons from the Crisis & Banking And Trading

Fall 2012

  • J. Mark Ramseyer, Harvard: Managerial Compensation in Japan & Litigation and Social Capital
  • Roberta Romano, Yale: Regulating in the Dark & Rethinking the Basel Architecture
  • Cesaire Meh, Bank of Canada: The Role of Bank Capital in the Propagation of Shocks & Shadow Banking and Regulation: A Quantitative Assessment
  • Jill E. Fish, Pennsylvania: Regulating Securities Intermediaries & The Effect of Fee Disclosure on Mutual Fund Selection
  • Yaniv Grinstein, Cornell: Lucky CEOs
  • Christian Leuz, Chicago: Fair-Value Accounting and Financial Stability & Dark Trading under Blue Skies: Regulatory Regime in the OTC Markets

Fall 2011

  • Ronald Gilson, Stanford
  • Anat Admati, Stanford: Capital Regulation and Governance Issues for Banks
  • Augustin Landier, Toulouse
  • Enrico Perotti, Amsterdam
  • Michal Barzuza, Virginia: Post-Crisis Regulation of Trading in OTC Financial Products
  • Laura Beny, Michigan: The Structure of Enterprise Law

Fall 2010

  • Charles Calomiris, Columbia: Banking Crises and the Rules of the Game & Will Financial Reforms Work?
  • Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm: Foreign Loans in Good and Bad Times & Horizons and the Amplification of Market Shocks
  • Luca Enriques, Bologna and Consob: European Takeover Law: The Case for a Neutral Approach & The Governanance of Banking and Financial Supervisors
  • Zenichi Shishido, Hitotsubashi/Tokyo: The Structure of Enterprise Law & Does Law Matter to Financial Capitalism? The Case of Japanese Entrepreneurs

Fall 2009

  • Amlan Roy, Credit Suisse & LSE: Global Demographics and its Financial Implications
  • Zacharias Sautner, Amsterdam: Financial Distress & Mangerial Power
  • Paige Marta Skiba, Vanderbilt: Behavior and Credit Markets
  • Eric Nowak, Lugano
  • Martin Hellwig, MPI Bonn: Governance Failure and Systemic Risk in the Financial Crisis & Corporate Governance and Shareholder Value

Fall 2008

  • Guido Ferrarini, Genoa: A European Perspective on Executive Remuneration & Major Financial Fraud
  • Katharina Pistor, Columbia: Law and Finance in Emerging Markets: A Critique & Financial Crisis and Global Network Finance
  • Joseph McCahery, Amsterdam: How does Company Mobility Affect Law Making? & Corportae Governance Preferences of Institutional Investors
  • Mark Roe, Harvard: Politics and Corporate Governance & Khodorkovski and Corporate Governance
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