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The Workshop & Lecture Series in Law & Economics as been held every year since 2003. Former guests were:

Spring 2017

  • Anu Bradford, Columbia: Is EU Merger Control Used for Protectionism? An Empirical Analysis & Are Antitrust Laws and Trade Liberalization Substitutes or Complements?
  • Sharad Goel, Stanford: Law, Order & Algorithms: A Computational Approach to Criminal Justice & Algorithmic Decision Making and the Cost of Fairness
  • Justin McCrary, Berkeley: Are U.S. Cities Underpoliced? Theory and Evidence & How Rigged Are Stock Markets? Evidence from Microsecond Timestamps
  • Randal Picker, Chicago: Computing's Arc: In the Beginning There Was ... & Computing's Arc: Early Computer Commons and Platforms
  • Merritt B. Fox, Columbia: The New Stock Market: Sense and Nonsense & Informed Trading and Its Regulation
  • Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Princeton: Random Evolving Lotteries and Intrinsic Preference for Information & Updating Ambiguous Beliefs

Spring 2016

  • Alan Miller, Haifa: Obscenity and the Aggregation Hypothesis & Patent Challenge Clauses: A New Antitrust Offense
  • Roland Benabou, Princeton: Law and Norms & Image Versus Information: Changing Societal Normas and Optimal Privacy
  • Alexander Stremitzer, UCLA: Premises and Expectations & Promises, Reliance and Psychological Lock-in
  • Omri Ben-Shahar, Chicago: More than You Wanted to Know: The Failure of Mandated Disclosure & Personalizing Negligence Law
  • Scott Barrett, Columbia: International Cooperation & Tipping Versus Cooperating to Supply a Public Good
  • Mila Versteeg, Virginia: Do Constitutional Rights Make A Difference? & The Contours of Constitutional Approval

Spring 2015

  • Stephanie Wang, Pittsburgh: The Biases of Others: Anticipating Informational Projection in an Agency Setting & Image Concerns in Social Dilemmas
  • Daniel Klerman, University of Southern California: The Selection of Disputes for Litigation & Forum Selling
  • Pablo Spiller, UC Berkeley: Empirical Evidence on Public Contracting
  • Richard Revesz, New York University: Rethinking Health-based Environmental Standards
  • Simone Sepe, University of Arizona: The Value of Board's Sovereignty & The Value of Corporate Law
  • Orley Ashenfelter, Princeton: Evaluating the Price Effects of Mergers in the U.S.: a Survey and Interpretation & Evaluating the Economic Effects of Prohibition in the United States

Spring 2014

  • David Chan, Stanford: Teamwork and Moral Hazard: Evidence from the Emergency Department & Clocking Out: Shift Work in the Emergency Department
  • Ingela Alger, Toulouse: Evolutionarily stable family ties; Max Weber meets Charles Darwin & The evolutionary stability of homo moralis
  • Jörgen Weibull, Stockholm: Introduction to evolutionary stability & Generalizations and implications
  • Kathy Spier, Harvard: Irreconcilable Differences & Trial and Settlement
  • Suresh Naidu, Columbia: Worker Mobility in A Global Labor Market: Evidence from the United Arab Emirates & Politics in Economics: A Natural Language Processing Approach
  • Asaf Zussman, Hebrew University: Rockets: The Housing Market Effects of a Credible Terrorist Threat & Does Ethnic Bias Persist? Evidence from the Courts
  • Joel Sobel, UC San Diego: Do Markets Make People Look Selfish & Leaks
  • Louis Kaplow, Harvard: Optimal Regulation with Exemptions and Corrective Taxation & Market Definition, Market Power, and Competition Policy

Spring 2013

  • Anup Malani, Chicago: Advertisements Impact the Physiological Efficacy of a Branded Drug & Judicial Learning and the Quality of Legal Rules
  • James Greiner, Harvard: Causal Inference in the Law: Randomized Trials and Observational Studies & How Effective are Limitied Legal Assistance Programs? A Randomized Experiment in a Massachusetts Housing Court
  • Ezra Friedman, Northwestern: Chilling, Settlement and the Accuracy of the Legal Process & A Safety Valve Model of Equity as Anti-Opportunism
  • Alan Schwartz, Yale: A Law and Economics View of Contract Interpretation
  • Jonathan Levav, Stanford: Order in Product Customization Decisions: Evidence from Field Experiments
  • Oren Bar-Gill, NYU: Product Use Information and the Limits of Voluntary Disclosure & Exchange Efficiency with Weak Property Rights
  • Jennifer Arlen, NYU: The Endowment Effect: Voluntary Deviating through Agents and Markets & Economic Analysis of Corporate Criminal Enforcement

Spring 2012

  • Joanna Shepherd Bailey, Emory: Partisan Differences: How and Why Democratic and Republican Judges Differ in Party Loyalty & Product Liability Reform and Businesses in High-Risk Industries: Establishments, Employment and Economic Activity
  • Tom Ginsburg, Chicago: The Empirical Analysis of Constitutions & Temporary Law
  • Patrick Bolton, Columbia: Sovereign Debt Challenges & Should Derivatives be Privileged in Bankruptcy?
  • Ernst Fehr, Zurich: The Economics and Psychology of Decision Rights
  • David Laibson, Harvard: How to Write a Contract with Myself
  • Daniel Ho, Stanford: Beyond Supreme Court Judgments & Regulatory Fudge: The Promise of Targeted Transparency and the Practice of Restaurant Grading
  • Henry Hansmann, Yale: Virtual Ownership and Managerial Distance: The Governance of Industrial Foundations
  • Reinier Kraakman, Harvard: The Efficiency of Market Pricing

Spring 2011

  • Yual Feldman, Bar-Ilan: Are All Contractual Obligations Created Equal?
  • Urs Schweizer, Bonn: Damages for Breach of Duty in Corporate Disclosure & Vicarious Liability and the Intensity Principle
  • John List, Chicago: Using Field Experiments in Labor Economics & Employee Theft: Evidence from a Field Experiment
  • Mitchell Polinsky, Stanford: The Economic Theory of Public Enforcement of Law & The Economics of Product LIability and Product Warranties
  • Kai Konrad, Max Planck Institute Munich, Fighting Multiple Tax Havens & Brother in Arms: An Experiment on the Alliance Puzzle
  • Fernando Gomez, Pompeo Fabra: Limited Assets and Liability
  • Maribel Saez, Autonomous University Madrid: What Role for Independents? Gatekeepers v. Fundmanagers
  • Lewis Kornhauser, NYU: Understanding Collegial Courts & The Effects of Judicially Imposed Restriction of Settlements to Compensatory Damages

Spring 2010

  • Yochai Benkler, Harvard: Towards Cooperative Human Systems Design & Beyond the Bad Man and the Knave: Law and the Interdependence of Motivational Vectors
  • Abraham Wickelgren, Texas: Litigation, Settlements, and Negative Expected Value Suits & Robust Exclusion through Loyalty Discounts
  • Kuo-Chang Huang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan: Labor Disputes Resolution in Taiwan: An Empirical Perspective & The Effect of Rules Shifting Supreme Court Jurisdiction from Mandatory to Discretionary: An Empirical Lesson from Taiwan
  • Avishalom Tor, Haifa: Plea Bargaining and the Psychology of Innocence & Behavioral Antitrust: The Rule of Reason after Leegin
  • Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, NYU: Myths and Realities of Online Contracting & Does Anyone Read the Fine Print? Testing a Law and Economics Approach to Standard Form Contracts
  • Dirk Niepelt, Gerzensee/Berne: Ageing, Government Budgets, Retirement, and Growth
  • James Choi, Yale: Why Do Defaults Work, and How Should We Choose Them? & Religious Identity and Economic Behavior

Spring 2009

  • René Stulz, Ohio, Credit Crsis and Governance & Why do Foreign Firms Leave the U.S.?
  • Ulrike Malmendier, Berkeley, Macro-Economic Experiences and Risk-Taking & Entrepreneurship Triggers
  • Roberto Galbiati, Paris X, The Detterent Effects of Prison & How Laws Affect Behavior
  • Ehud Guttel, Duke, Tort Liability & Negligence and Insufficient Activity
  • Stefan Voigt, Marburg, Economic Effects of Federalism and Decentralization

Spring 2008

  • Reinier Kraakman, Harvard, Law and the Rise of the Firm & CEO Tenure, Performance and Turnover in S&P 500 Companies
  • Richard McAdams, Chicago, The Expressive Power of Law & "Vicious Circles" of Discrimination: The Just World Belief and Hate Crime Statutes
  • Geoffrey Miller, NYU, Legal-Economic Analysis of Selected Biblical Texts & Competition for Contracts
  • Anke Hoeffler, Oxford, Democracy in Resource-Rich Societies & Military Spending and the Risk of Coups d'Etat
  • John J. Donohue, Yale, The Death Penalty & Econometrics, Law and Policy

Fall 2007

  • William Landes, Chicago, Art Law and Economics & Ideology and the Supreme Court
  • Kathryn Zeiler, Georgetown, Medical Malpractice Liability & Empirical Health Law
  • Jan Pieter Krahnen, Frankfurt, Bank Pools and Corporate Distress & Financial Stability and Credit Securitization
  • Dominique Demougin, European Business School, Standards and Burden of Proof & Institutional Competition
  • Jeffrey J. Rachlinski, Cornell, How Judges Decide Cases & Unconscious Bias in Trial Judges

Summer 2007

  • Douglas Baird, Chicago, Technology, Information and Bankruptcy & Debts Contracts and the Selection of Managers
  • Marco Becht, ULB Bruxelles, Shareholder Activism & Where Do Firms Incorporate?
  • Dieter Grimm, Berlin, The Constitution in the Process of Denationalization
  • Henry Hu, Texas, Hedge Funds and the "New Vote Buying"
  • Suzanne Scotchmer, Berkeley, Political Economy of IP Treaties & Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products

Summer 2006

  • Renée Adams, Stockholm, Friendly Boards & Board Gender Diversity
  • Thomas Bernauer, ETH Zurich, WTO Conflict Escalation
  • Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Amsterdam and George Mason, IP and Rent Seeking & Risky Levels of Public Governance
  • Lars Feld, Marburg, Unbundling the Independence of the Judiciary & Power over Prosecutors Corrupts Politicians: Cross Country Evidence Using a New Indicator
  • Thomas S. Ulen, Illinois, Cognition, Rationality and the Law

Winter 2005/2006

  • Winand Emons, Berne, Optimal Punishment for Repeat Offenders
  • Karl Hofstetter, Zurich, The Corporate Governance of Controlled Companies
  • Colin Mayer, Oxford, Ownership: Evolution and Regulation, Decline of Family Ownership in the UK
  • Eric Posner, Chicago, The Limits of International Law & Responsibility under International Law
  • Alan Schwartz, Yale, Contract Theory and the Limits of Contract Law & Law and Economics of Preliminary Agreements
  • Jonathan Wiener, Duke, Comparing Risk and Regulation in the U.S. and Europe & Precaution Against Terrorism

Summer 2005

  • Philippe Bachetta, Gerzensee and Lausanne, Financial Development, Market Regulation and Exchange Rates
  • Julian Franks, London Business School, Do Bankruptcy Codes Matter? & Insolvency and Going Concern Bias
  • Viktor Vanberg, Freiburg i. Br., Market and State: The Perspective of Constitutional Economics & Rationality Postulate in Economics
  • Roger van den Bergh, Rotterdam, Enforcement of EC and US Competition Law: A comparative L & E Approach & Towards Efficient Self-Regulation in the Market for Liberal Professions

Winter 2004/2005

  • John Armour, Cambridge, Insolvency & Proprietary Fondations of Corporate Law
  • Felix Oberholzer, Harvard, Battling the Pirates: The Legal Protection Information Goods in the Digital Age & Political Relationships and Firm Performance
  • Hans-Bernd Schäfer, Hamburg, Standards and Rules & Auditor Liability
  • Andrei Shleifer, Harvard, Not the Whole Truth: the Economics of Persuasion

Summer 2004

  • Iris Bohnet, Harvard, Trust and Betrayal in the Arab and the Western World & Is Trust a Bad Investment?
  • Michael Faure, Maastricht, Environmental Crimes & Compensating Victims of Catastrophes
  • Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale, Governance and Corruption & Corruption Issues
  • Daniel Rubinfeld, Berkeley, IT and Network Issues & Exclusion or Efficient Pricing?

Summer 2003

  • Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss, NYU, Biotechnology, Patents and Liability & Joint Inventorship and Joint Authorship
  • Robert Cooter, Berkeley, Expressive Law: Framing or Equilibrium Selection? & The Problem of Character in Democracy and Corporations
  • Christoph Engel, MPI Bonn, Organizing Co-Existence in Cyberspace & Institutions Make Behaviour Predictable
  • Ronald J. Gilson, Columbia & Stanford, Venture Capital & Convenants not to Compete and Patent Scope
  • Henry Hansmann, Yale, Exit and Trapped Capital in Non-Profit Organizations & Legal Entities, Asset Partitioning, and the Evolution of Organizations
  • Dennis C. Mueller, Vienna, Citizenship and Rights in a World of Global Terrorism & Corporate Governance Structures and Returns on Investment
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